body shapes

I must really apologise for my absence, back to school and its tedious. hope you all are fine? ūüôā

So, do you know your body shape? well, there are four basic body shapes

Pear shape

Triangle/heart shape

Box shape

Hourglass shape 

which ever body shape  you find yourself, it is important to know the kind of outfit that fits your shape, also learn to love your shape for what it is.


Happy Birthday NIGERIA

Happy independence to our great country NIGERIA!!!!!!

I think what baffled me the most about today is Nigerians still found it in their hearts, with all the various situations, conditions( suffering and smiling), circumstances facing the citizens both home and aboard to celebrate this great nation of ours. it says a lot about us, we are strong willed,happy, hopeful,believing people. i strongly believe in our country, if not for anything our strong dress sense, culture is enough for me to thank God .

i really didnt feel like celebrating tho because of a friend(Lydia Komolafe) i lost some few months ago, i always felt our president and some stupid jobless people killed her. but all in all we thank God for life. Ebola and Boko haram experience is enough to thank God, we always find a way to make ourselves happy. one could just say God poured oil of gladness in the land.

  • are you happy to be a Nigerian?
  • what are thanking God for about Nigeria?
  • what are you doing to make it a better place for your children?


             Do you also feel same?? because i lied oo!! i love my mondays. I get to look EXTRA good on mondays, new hair do (not always o), well ironed dress, polished shoes etc. 

             Mondays, i suggest you look good, it helps you boost your attitude and aura for the week. So! how prepared are you for tomorrow? any new outfit? new shoes? new hairdo? new belts?? Make sure you look good to work, let people ask you what happened to you over the weekend (amebo) 

 Pleasssseee!! sleep early, so that you can be active atleast on monday morning.

 Use a perfume!!

 Iron your outfit well ( you had saturday and sunday to iron them )

 Biko!!! read your bible and command your week

 Put on a Smile ( pretend to be happy atleast).

            Whatever you decide to wear be Beautiful,Handsome*winks*,Hot, Sassy,Bold,Confident,

 have a lovely week and God bless.


opening this blog has been longggggg over due!!!! ( uses handke to wipe my face) Am glad I finally did. well!! you re in for a good time.. hopefully in the next few weeks, or months I will read this and laugh at my self. the blog is basically for fashion talks, advice, suggestions, and also to talk about my creator… you know that feeling when you start something and have no idea where it is going. I feel that wayl.this will be my worst post believe me. I will freaking challenge myself to be the best.

am happy I started teeznthreads without any attachee(boyfriend or lover). its God inspired!!! I hope to inspire you also to be the best.. ( I rili don’t know what to write but am sooooo glad I have tis blog) its a dream come through.ok bye(runs off)